Let’s be honest, in my telling you The Real Secret of the Dim Mak Kung Fu Death Touch, there’s going to some people who like what I say, and there’s going to be people who don’t like what I say. Well, illusions die hard, but the truth is always better. The truth, when it comes to using fingers to kill people, is not all it is knocked up to be.

In the first place, there really is an art that teaches this thing, but it is extremely hard to find a teacher. And, to be accepted tolearn is really hard. You have to actually know a few kung fu styles, you have to have an recommendation from a Kung Fu Master. And that is no guarantee that you will be accepted as a discipline.

In the second place, one must question the worth of studying such a rare and esoteric art. It will take years to understand the teachings and to be able to actually use them in a fight. Quite honestly, the time spent learning the poison hand death touch you could spend learning other arts.

And, what is more valuable? The ability to touch somebody and have him go off and die three days later at the appointed hour? Or to get so good at other arts that nobody could get close enough to you to even try a dim mak?

To learn the Dim Mak one will be studying acupuncture, but not the normal science. You will not learn to alleviate disease, but rather to cause the body to go into disharmony. This means that you will have the double study of learning the right way to do things, and the wrong way.

You will also have to learn certain things about the time of using the death touch. You could strike (touch) somebody with a finger, but if it is the wrong time of the day, your touch is wasted. This means you are going to have to learn all sorts of things about the time cycle of the internal organs of the body, and how this translates to the trigger points on the outside of the body.

Look, I’m about done here, and you’re free to do what you want, but let me tell you one little tale of a real death touch. Certain ninpo arts teach how to wear ring needles (and other types of gimcracks). They coat the needle with a deadly poison, then cover the needle with wax.

They can poison anybody, but they are safe to themselves and their friends. Now this is a real art that I am telling you, but one that doesn’t take decades to perfect. And that is the straight goods on the real secret of the kung fu dim mak death touch.


Al Case began practicing the martial arts in 1967, and became a writer for the mags in 1982. If you want some really cooltechniques, visit his site, Monster Martial Arts.
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