When you learn real martial arts fighting, there are certain truths about how to survive. One of the truths is that the human mental apparatus doesn’t usually work well when it is getting bashed, and survival mode kicks in. Fighters who survive by the amount of adrenaline kicked in would have you believe that this is the point of it all, but it is not, it is the worst thing that could happen. As a species we don’t have quills, or claws, or smells, or jaws, or any particular characteristic that would help us survive, except that thing we call a mind. It is the mind that solves problems, it is the mind that adapts to survive. It is this thing called a mind that we must learn how to use if we are to reach our full potential as humans, and as humans in the fighting mode. One must control the distance in a fight, by controlling distance we have choice as to what weapon we choose to use. The way to do this is to tie a string from your belt to his, and practice moving so that the string stays taut without breaking. Now, move in this fashion, and within a short time your body will move with the other persons body because it likes the fact of harmony. We must control the fact of the leg movements. The best leg positioning is when the legs are in a matching stance, which is to say his right leg is forward and so is yours, the second best position is when you are in an opposing stance, which is to say his right leg is forward, and your left leg is forward. The way to train yourself to always have matching stance is merely to walk with the string, and striving to always stay in a matching stance. We must control the movement of the arms, again, in a matching or opposing sense. No string needed here, but you do have to be aware of distance, you have to match the movement of your partners arms as he closes distance. The way to do this is merely to control the stances and practice matching your arm motions to his. Fourth, we must search for the techniques that work best for matching, and for opposing. Yes, you want matching, but whatever happens, you should be able to train yourself to handle it. The trick is to use a basic matrixing concept, and realize that whether matching or opposing, your arm will be either inside of his, or outside of his, and then find that technique that this position results in. Lastly, we must put it all together. This would appear difficult, except that if you understand what I have said here, and worked on the individual exercises, then the whole thing comes together rather intuitively. The body, you see, even in the middle of combat, likes harmony. Control distance, control stance through positioning, control arms by understanding whether they are inside or outside, this is simple stuff, but entirely overlooked by todays fighters. But if you do understand what I have said in this article, however, then you will move to the head of the pack, for you are putting awareness and the ability to think into combat. Whether you study kenpo or tae kwon do, Aikido or Arnis, Uechi or Krav Maga, the truths in this article, the hint of matrix martial arts that I have given you, will make you a better fighter…an immensely better fighter!

Al Case has studied martial arts for 40 years. A writer for the magazines since’81, he is the originator of Matrixing Technology. If you want to learn how to fight like a thinking maniac visit Al at http://blindingsteel.com. If you already know how to fight, take advantage of his free ebook at Monster Martial Arts.

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