One of the biggest mysteries come out of the eastern combative arts is chi or ki. Wudan arts, like Pa Kua Chang and Hsing i and Tai Chi Chuan claim they can make it. Supposedly it takes lifetimes to create this thing called chi, but when you get it you can defeat hordes of attackers with a sigh and a snort of the nostrils.

Well, the truth of the matter is that internal energy is in many arts, and if it is not, it can be put into any art easily. The principles of internal energy, you see, are easy to understand. So if you study kenpo or tae kwon do, or even boxing, then the door is hereby opened for you, this article is going to lay out those principles and shove you through the door.

It is absolutely vital that you have phenomenal basics, not just good, but utterly phenomenal. What this means is that you must drop the weight of your body when striking or blocking, and do so with such awareness that you actually create an energy beam down your leg. You must arrange the parts of your body so that they form an unbroken chain for the energy to flow through, very important that they are relaxed, because chi will flow easier through a relaxed body.

Now, you must make sure that you move the parts of your body in a coordinated manner. Everything must swing into motion together, and everything must stop together, this is called Coordinated Body Motion. Inspect the motion of your body so that all of the pieces are moving in harmony when it swings into alignment.

Now, you’ve got basics, and it is time to start the flow of internal energy. Fill a pipe halfway with sand. Move that pipe in such a way that when you stop it all the sand collides on the side of the pipe at the same time.

This is what internal energy is and does. It is energy swirled on the inside of your body in such a way that it hits the inside of the block, or strike, or foot, or whatever, at the same time. We used to develop this type of energy in karate all the time, but we didn’t call it internal because it didn’t have any undue significance, it was just the way you moved.

It is helpful if you move slowly, concentrating on feeling the motion of energy inside your body. And, to be truthful, the internal Wudan martial arts have arranged their forms so as to help the process. But you can feel it in Karate, or tae kwon do, or any striking art, if you just take the time to appreciate what you are doing.

The real key is that this method, and, to be truthful, all methods, rely on awareness. It is an idea that moves awareness, and the path of this awareness can be called Chi, or Ki, or Prana, or pneuma, or intention. Now, the real question here is whether you can take the time to invest your movements with chi, or intention, or whatever you want to call it, do you have the patience and the awareness to make something significant out of your martial art.

Al Case has researched martial arts for 4O plus+ years. This includes TCC, PKC, Aikido, Shaolin, etc. He is a writer for the magazines, and the inventor of Matrixing Technology and Neutronics. You can find out more about Internal Energy, and get a free ebook at Monster Martial Arts

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