To the best of my understanding, nobody has considered the martial arts as a puzzle. No one has ever thought of the Martial arts as a mystery to be solved. Nobody has ever assembled the puzzle to see what the martial arts actually are.


When the question presented itself to me, and I solved the puzzle, I was struck by a phenomenal concept. I discovered the True Art that people hear about but never actually get to. I also found out why people fail when trying to find the True Art.


Amazingly, simple physics is at the heart of the True Art. Physics is the study of motion in the universe. Physics is what all students must know if they are to ever reach the True Art.


In the beginning, I studied all the martial arts that I could find. I read the mags and bought the books, I amassed a library of books concerning the various arts and styles. If a new martial artist came to town I went to him and learned what I could. Computers came along, and suddenly I was able to study martial arts across the whole planet.


I started making records of all the techniques that I knew. I covered the backs of small cards with them and laid them out across my living room. Thousands of cards covered my floor with the techniques of hundreds of arts and styles.


I began to compile the tricks into categories. I labeled them by straight or by circular, by kick or punch, by whatever concept of art I could think of. I even tried categorizing them by where they had come from.


I began to see underlying patterns, and I started throwing out duplicate techniques. I threw away all the techniques that were posers, that depended on the attacker waiting for the defender to do his stuff. The number of cards grew smaller, became easier to consider, and eventually there were only about forty techniques left.


That’s what the martial arts are, you know, forty simple techniques. All of the other arts and styles are just deviating from these techniques. The real joy in this endeavor, however, wasn’t the forty techniques that made up the martial arts, the real joy was that I began to understand all the patterns which made up the martial arts. 


So the puzzle of the martial arts is solved. And the puzzle, once you see the completed picture, is sheerly astounding. Just think, forty techniques, and you can start your journey into the golden age of the martial arts. 


Al Case has over forty years in the martial arts, and has written for the magazines. You can find out more about his solution to the martial arts by visiting him at

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