The importance of a strong grip for wrestlers can not be understated. If a wrestler cannot control their opponent because they have a weak grip strength, they really need to get to work on strengthening that weakness. The off season is the time to really focus on getting stronger, when the competition starts is the time to cut back. Two times a week should be enough to make an improvment in your forearm strength.

One of the more important tools to use is a thicker diameter bar. If you do not have one you can make one by wrapping a towel around yours and holding it in place with tape or purchase some of that foam tube insulation that is used for pipes. You can purchase it at any of the big box hardware outlet.

One reason why you should workout with the fatter bar is because your opponents’ wrists, legs and arms are larger and you should train your grip for this. Using the large bar will force your thumb to grip the bar better and give it a good workout because it is better positioned to squeeze into the bar. You can do curls, farmer walks and bench presses or any other exercise you would use dumbbells or bar bells for. Even try it with a pull-up bar. Wrap a towel around the bar and do pull-ups or just do dead hangs till you can not hang on any more.

One of the things most people do not think about exercising are the muscles that control opening the hand. You should keep the muscles in the forearm balanced and making use of any kind of forearm workout that involves resistance to opening the hand should be used. Even just using rubber bands around the fingers and thumb and trying to open them would be of great benefit.

The grip strength develops rather quickly when you first start out but will level off after awhile and you will have to use more intensity to keep the improvements coming. Make use of a lot of different exercises to work the muscles from all angles. Make forearm grip training a part of your routine and you will make a big difference in your strength.

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