I don’t care if you study Uechi ryu or shotokan or kenpo, or whatever, you’re going to need a powerful fist. I don’t care if it is boxing or Krav maga or tae kwon do, you’re going to need a fist that knocks them down the first time! Even if you’re in Aikido or Tai Chi, you’re going to need some kind of real power, or at least know what power is so you can properly handle it. The funny thing is that a powerful punch is easily attained if you follow a couple of easy steps. You don’t have to bash your hands against a telephone pole. You don’t have to spear your fingers into boxes of sand. As with most things in this world, once you know the knowledge behind something, that something is easy to understand and do. Thus, the first thing you need to know in developing a killer punch is simple. That one thing you need to understand is…weight. This universe is constructed of nothing more than objects flying through space. When objects strike one another weight will be the resulting sensation. The more weight involved in the collision, the bigger and better the collision. To hit somebody, your fist must sail through space and crash against them. Now, if the body your fist is colliding with weighs a couple of hundred pounds, then you are going to have to have a two hundred pound punch. Well, you could multiply the 20 pounds of your arm by ten times the velocity, but there is a method that is easier. The easiest way is to align your body behind the strike. Your arm may be 20 pounds, but if you can add the weight of your torso and your limbs and even your head to the punch, you can weigh, especially when you times your weight by velocity, 200 pounds. Heck, if you can line up a hundred pounds of body weight behind that strike, and then multiple it by a simple ten, you are going to have a thousand pound sledge hammer of a punch! First, do lots of push ups, and when your arms get strong and able to absorb the shock, start jumping your push ups into the air. Second, do your form slowly, looking at the pieces of your body, and learn to assemble them into one movement. Three, set up a six foot tall box, pad it, make it weigh 200 pounds, and practice shoving it across the floor with your punch. The funny things is that this method is so simple that everybody overlooks it. And, to be truthful, nobody really understands the importance of gauging weight in the martial arts. But, whether you do tai chi chuan, pa kua chang, Chinese Kenpo, tae kwon do, or any of the forms of classical karate, you need to understand weight, and you need to implement some form of the training method I have detailed here if you want The Most Powerful Punch in The World!

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