Do you want to learn martial arts? Have you tried to learn by reading martial arts books? If you have, then I bet it didn’t work out very well. The problem is not that you can learn about martial arts. You can learn the history, the names, the dates and even the styles. The problem is when it comes to form you need an instructor.

When you learn from books, you can form bad habits. Martial arts instructors prevent you from settling into bad form. They make learning martial arts more fluid and much more powerful.

Studying the books can help you make an informed decision in which style you want to learn. They are very helpful in showing the differences in the martial arts like Judo or Taekwondo. It will help you decide which one is right for you.

Next to not having an instructor, the biggest problem is not having an adequate sparring partner. Learning any martial art requires practice, and a partner gives you confidence in your abilities. When you practice alone at home, you have no moving target. It is like practicing in a vacuum. Nothing replaces practicing with a live partner.

The best part of attending classes is the motivation factor. Books and tapes just don’t offer the same motivation as highly motivated people. The energy you receive just from walking into a classroom is indescribable. You will experience a higher level of success just from being around other people.

If you just can’t get to a class because distance is a problem, then your books are an option but should be considered a last resort. As I stated earlier, a highly qualified instructor is really needed to properly train in any martial arts. There are just some things you can’t learn from a book. However, if a book is the only thing you’ve got, then by all means learn what you can from it. Focus on proper technique and do your best.

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