UFC 103 Main even is Vitor Belfort Vs Rich Franklin should be a great fight. Both guys like to strike and so this should be an action packed fight. On top of that a win for either guy could bring them close to a title fight in their respective weight divisions.

Vitor Belfort – at one point considered one of the best fighters had been in a slump for quite a while. With many people wondering if they will ever see “the old Vitor” back again. And it seems like we might! With several impressive wins under his belt (especially vs Lindland) it seems like he is ready for a come back.

Belfort has some of the quickest hands in MMA and is coming off a brutal knock out of Matt Lindland at Affliction’s second event. He is seen by some as a fighter who could beat the raining middle weight champion Anderson Silva.

On the other hand Franklin is at an interesting point in his career – he is a great fighter but cannot beat middle weight champion Anderson Silva (having lost to him twice by brutal tko/ko)And had already lost to light heavy weight champion Lyoto Machida several years ago.

Still Franklin is a great fighter and has a well known name, as such it appears that at this point he’s just looking for some great fights, be it at middle weight or light heavy weight divisions. With fights against Henderson and Wanderlei already on his resume, it seems that Franklin is in a great position to fight some of the most well known fighter in mma.

So be sure to watch ufc 103 on September 19th, as it is going to be an action packed fight. The outcome of which will determine the likely contenders for the belts in moddle weight and light heavy divissions.

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