It’s been awhile since there was an elating UFC event. And the UFC 107 Live Stream this Saturday should provide fans an elating mma spectacle that is actually worth buying pay-per-view admittance for. If your wondering when does UFC 107 start then you hit to know that it starts at 7PM Pacific Time and 10 PM Eastern Time.


For an mma fan, missing this Brobdingnagian year end circumstance will be rattling unsatisfactory as this circumstance is by far the ordinal prizewinning card since the historic UFC 100.

With BJ Penn returning to the main circumstance and covering Diego Sanchez, this weekends Fight Night will surely be reminiscent of the historic night of UFC 100. Well at least somewhat close to it.

This circumstance is supported by a Heavyweight matchup between digit top worker heavyweights in Cheick Bantu and Frank Mir. This is a clash of digit different styles – A man with superior striking game and a ground expert. It’s amazing how Dana really matches people up. I stingy Cheick Bantu has little to no ground game to speak of patch Frank Mir thinks he’s a good mover but not really as good as he thinks he is. Both guys hit been submissive in their previous fisticuffs and their on the comeback trail in this match.

The Live stream of UFC 107 will also present Kenny Florian and Clay Guida. Another great lightweight matchup! Both these guys hit prefabricated a name for themselves with their great victories against the divisions top contenders. Kenny recently lost to BJ Penn and is looking to belike send a message to BJ that he wants BJ’s belt…again. CLay Guida is a rattling exploding fighter and will not be sloppy in this matchup/

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