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Where can I watch UFC 108 online?
Well I’ve spent the last month looking for this too, I refused to pay to watch UFC 107 and after last minute searching online missed the event. So this time I took it upon myself to find all the websites which will be streaming it and keep a log of them early so I know where to go, thankfully this time I’ve actually found a website. The site address is:

What time is UFC 108?
UFC 108 will be beginning at 10pm ET for the PPV stream, 9pm ET for the free stream. The free stream will be available on as well as the PPV stream. Means you can check how good the quality is before you stay to watch the ppv stream.

What’s the main fight?

The main fight will be Rashad Evans vs Thiago Silva. This should be a very interesting fight and we’re all still interested on who’s going to win this. I personally think Evan’s will win this fight, but it’ll still be extremely close and one fight that you won’t want to miss. Considering they’ve both only lost one fight in their MMA careers, somebody has to add 1 to their collection now.
You can vote who you think will win here:


Don’t search everywhere on the internet, just use the simple option of the url I linked to at the beginning of this article,, thanks for reading and enjoy.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got time to write right now, I hope you enjoyed my article and enjoy the live stream, thanks.

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