There are many martial art schools around the world teaching everything from Kung Fu to Karate to Judo not to mention the new fashion craze of Cage fighting with numerious Gyms Cropping up all over the world to cater for this new sport.

I believe anything that helps you to train your mind and your body has a benefit for us but in he midst of the array of the styles and clsses that face us some people are asking Whats the best martial art for self defence?.

I believe that if you are looking for this aspect of the arts you should look out for some of the following things when choosing a class or instructor.

1) Is the style simple to learn without hundreds or thousands of techniques?. When you are faced with a serious physical confrontation your body will produce alot of adrenaline and your heart rate will increase. Under these circumstances you need a handful of effective simple tecniques that can be used when under this stress. Complicated techniques that involve fine motor movement cannot be recalled under this amount of pressure.

2) Are the techniques in your martial art stylistic and more importantly realistic?. some martial arts have very fancy high kicks and beautiful movements that look great but would not be effective in a real live combat situation.They need to simple and direct and inflict enough damage to your attacker to give you time to escape or to save your life.

3) Does the martial art have any demonstrated efficiency under a real live combat situation? Martial arts like Krav Maga have been proven in the field to work under battle tested conditions.

I wish you peace





I have studied Karate, Ju Jitsu, Aikido and have dabbled in other martial arts but I had to look further afield to find something that offered fast real life self defence instruction. I outline below what I feel are some of the componants of a good reality based defence system. Check out for more info

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